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name: Franco
age: 3
nuggits: Pure Calm, Hip and Joint


[nuhhhgit] noun.

A plant-based superfood supplement,
thoughtfully crafted for your best friend.

Designed to make every day better.

Build Your Blend

No Fillers.

No Nonsense.

Just Nature.

name: Zeus
age: 9
nuggits: Hip and Joint, Skin and Coat

We're not about pseudoscience and half-truths

From D3 to Omega-3, our vets studied diets and genetics to make a daily supplement with key nutrients your dog needs.
Each nuggit® contains:
🧊 Anti-anxiety properties
💩 Stomach soothing probiotics
😎 Skin and coat nutrients
🧠 Brain-boosting nootropics
👑 Custom blend for your BFF

Build Your Blend

Clean and simple, delivered

Easy-to-start. Easy-to-cancel. Our team of vets and nutritional experts are on a mission to turn your pup's new healthy habit into a daily ritual.
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name: Gouda
age: 5
nuggits: Multivitamin, Skin and Coat